Aerospace Engineering toward Next Generation

Hokkaido University (Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering) and Seoul National University (Dept. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering) have four major fields in common: aerospace, aerospace, and energy. We plan to continue holding joint symposiums in technology (thermal fluid engineering), medical-engineering collaboration (human-machine systems), and advanced materials science (material mechanics), as well as promote research cooperation and student exchange in the same fields.

This year, we will take up the theme of "Aerospace" and will promote exchanges in research and education between the two schools. In this field, technological breakthroughs have been progressing in recent years, particularly in the civilian use of space and the social implementation of drones (unmanned flying vehicles). We hope that the exchange of distinctive academic results from both schools will have a synergistic effect on the development of these advanced fields.
At Hokkaido University, with his F3 Engineering Education and Research Center at its core, he is focusing on practical education centered on the aerospace field in collaboration with Muroran Institute of Technology. As an overseas partner organization, we would like to use this as an opportunity to revitalize and internationalize our project through exchanges with Seoul National University faculty and students, who are important partners. At the same time, as a regional collaboration in this area, we will strengthen ties with Taiki-cho Space Village, Hokkaido, where businesses related to private space use are concentrated, and plan to hold field trips and technical exchanges with related organizations, venture companies, etc. at the same subcommittee symposium. are doing.


Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University


*Closed session*
Speakers incl. Assoc. Prof. Kazuhide Mizobata, Muroran Institute of Technology
Ref.: Dept. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, SNU; F3 Engineering Education and Research Center, HU