Watching K-drama in Japan: Texts and Contexts

This online workshop, which focuses on the popularity of Korean drama in Japan over recent twenty years, is expected to be accessible to the public through real-time streaming through YouTube. Through this, we will meet the public demand for a more in-depth approach to the Korean Wave in Japan and transmit the research results of Institute for Japanese Studies. In addition, since the theme of the Korean Wave in Japan is an important research topic when considering Korea-Japan relations in the future, this workshop plans to develop related topics every year to promote continuous academic exchanges. Furthermore, this second-time joint workshop, following the first joint workshop in 2020, will contribute to the deepening the academic exchange between both parties.


Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University

Programme Overview

Recently, Korea-Japan cultural exchange is being revitalized through the internet or popular culture despite exchanges between Korea and Japan has become difficult. In particular, while there is still an atmosphere of anti-Korea sentiment in Japan, it is true that the image of Korea in Japanese society is improving through popular culture. In response to this situation, Professor Sungmin Kim of Hokkaido University, a K-POP expert in Japan, and Hyojin Kim of the Institute for Japanese Studies at Seoul National University, a Japanese pop culture expert, would like to hold a session specializing in the history of Korean Drama in Japan, by inviting three Japanese scholars specializing in Korean Drama and its history of Japanese reception.

- Yamanaka Chie (Kyoto Sangyo Univ.)
- Yukie Hirata (Nihon Joshi Univ.)
- Mori Tomoomi (Setsunan Univ.)
Co-moderators and Discussants:
- Sungmin Kim (Department of Media Communication, Hokkaido University)
- Hyojin Kim (Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University)
*Online (ZOOM) + live-streaming on YouTube